Websites, videos and local listings are ranked based on their relevancy. The practice of optimizing your website toimprove its ranking in search engines is called organic SEO.

SEO stands for search engine optimization. It helps search enginesto access your site. There are many reasons why your business absolutely needs organic SEO. It is a powerful tool that will get your website free traffic.

It plays a role in increasing the quality of your website by making it load faster, be user friendly and easy to navigate. Many people spend their time online looking for solutions to their problems. If you have an online website offering your services or an online store with videos, optimizing them can help reach them.

There are SEO techniques for improving your search rankings which I will discuss with youlater on.

Importance of Organic SEO for your Business

In today’s competitive market, you need a good marketing strategy that will bring customers to your business. Billions of searches are run everyday on search results meaning your potential customers are searching for your business online.

In order to be visible to your potential customers, you need to prove to search engines that your website has the most relevant results. Optimize your site and you will be getting constant traffic from search engines.

  1. Organic Search is most Often the Primary Source of Website Traffic

Millions of websites online are totally invisible hence do not receive any traffic.  Without organic SEO,a website will not have any visitors. Also, there willbe no opportunity of converting prospects into customers.

Organic search improve a website’s overall searchability and visibility. You get more traffic,and this translates to more sales for your business. While paid advertising and social media can generate traffic, search engines generate the most.

  • Organic SEO Builds Trust & Credibility

Results from search engines appear more credible to people and receive more clicks than paid advertisements.  With organic SEO, you have more traffic opportunity than social media or paid advertisement.

SEO will compel you to establish a strong foundation for a beautiful website that is easy to navigate.  Make sure your customers are happy with the products or service you offer so they can leave good reviews online.

  • Increase Revenue for a Business

When done correctly, this marketing strategy will continue to pay dividends over time. This is not the case with paid advertising that need constant funding to send traffic to your site.  Just make sure you have used the right tactics to rank so that your traffic can snowball over time.

With optimization, your potential customers will be able to easily and quickly locate your business and make purchase or book for your services. This will increase revenue for your business.

  • Organic SEO is Relatively Cheap

SEO is cheap compared to paid competition. Initially it will be costly but once traffic starts to come, you don’t have to spend again. It is a long term strategy that will have a noticeable impact within the first year.

 Main SEO tactics to Use

On-Page SEO

On-page SEO has to do with optimizing multiple components within your website. They includecontent, URL structure, site performance, to name a few. Quality content is an important part of on-page SEO.

Quality content helps to generate backlinks which are highly valued by search engines because they indicate credibility of your site.

With content, you can strategically use keywords that your potential clients will use to find your products or services online. You should carefully choose keywords and use well in content in order to be effective.

Off Page SEO

Off page SEO refers topromotion activities performed outside a sitein order to rank high in search engines.They include sharing a siteon social media and link building. A website that has high quality content is more likely to have references from other sites.

Organic SEO in turn benefits the website owners. Website will rank higher in search results and increase traffic. Sharing on social media sites such as twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn means greater exposure. It will get more visits from your potential customers.

We will look in more detail other popular off page SEO tactics, which include getting back links from forums related to your niche andarticle submission sites. All these tactics will increase authority, relevance and truth worthiness of your website. For a free co