On-page SEO is a set of rules followed to rank individual pages of a website higher on search engines. The goal is to bring traffic that can convert into paying customers.

On-page SEO techniques include optimizing page titles, meta description, meta tags, URL structure, images, involves keyword density and internal linking. Implementing these techniques will help your site rank higher giving it greater exposure.

Your web pages will be more search friendly because search engines will be able to understand them better.

On-Page SEO techniques

When implemented correctly, these techniques have the ability to improve your rankings in the search results.

  1. Research Keywords and key phrases to use

Keyword research is an integral part of on-page SEO. Keyword research will help to determine if the niche you have chosen will be profitable or not.  It will help your site rank well on search engines for specific topics.

You need to find out the keywords that your audience use to search on the internet in order to write about them. Additionally, products and services are promoted through use of keywords.

Incorporate your target keywords in page titles, URLs of the pages, meta description, headers of the pages and alt text for images.

  • Content

The websites that you see pop-up on first page of search engines have great content.  Write great content in order to improve your chance of ranking. Make sure it is original, simple and well researched.

It should describe your business, products and services very well. Make sure to use headings andsubheadings where necessarily. High-quality content need to cater to your audience needs with call to actions buttons to help them convert.

  • Fast loading site

This is one of the factors used by search engine to rank a site. They want their users to find what they are looking quickly, not waiting for eternity for your website to load. It is therefore crucial that you optimize your site to load faster in order appear in search results.

  • Internal Linking

Internal links are useful in navigation of a site since they link one page to the other. They are useful to visitors and search engines. Internal links boosts a site performance in the search engines.

  • Make your site mobile friendly

Make your website mobile friendlier bybuilding responsive websites. It is a requirement by search engines to have a responsive website in order to appear in their search results.

Importance of On-Page SEO

Source of organic Search

On-page SEO is the main source of organic traffic formany sites.In order to get organic traffic on your site, you need to optimize individual pages of it.

Your potential customers will be able to find you easily and quickly. More traffic means more potential customers who will increase sales of your products.

On-page SEO is cheap

You will incurlowcostsfor optimizing individual pages of your site. On-page SEO is affordable compared to off-page SEO. Your company will benefit greatly with it. It will improve your company reputation through use of high-quality content, etc.

Good on-page SEO will continue to pay dividends for years to come. It is a long-term strategy that will not only increase your sales and profits but improve a website’s overall searchability.

On-page SEO is good for website visibility and Branding

Websites that appear on first page of search engines receive good traffic. Many people are able to click on them and get what they are looking for. Optimizing your website will help yoursite rank easily on first page and get noticed quickly.

Wrapping up

On-page SEO is an effective marketing tool that will help your business grow and meet its objectives. It is inexpensive to implement and will help you build an easy to navigate website for a better user experience.

In order to optimize your site and rank well in search engines, you need to do a good keyword research. Your main keywords should be included in your URLs, permalinks, titles, headers, meta description and images.

Do not forget to do good internal linking which useful for your audience and search engines. Rest assure that Trendy Mobile Designs has the expertise in handling your On-Page SEO like clockwork.