Off-page SEO are promotional methodsused to improve the position of a site on search engines. It is important to get traffic that converts into buyers. These promotional methods make your website visible by search engines.

Off page SEO methods tells search engines that your site is authoritative and can be trusted. The more you have backlinks and comments pointing back to your site, the more it is ranked high on search results.

Off page SEO strategies include getting backlinks, building social media presence, connecting with SEO professionals, doing interviews, to name a few. As an SEO marketing consultant, we will utilize most of these promotional methods to help you rank higher on search engines.

Best Off-page SEO Techniques

  1. Backlinks

Speaking of backlinks, they drive referral traffic and increase your site authority. Your website needs high quality backlinks in order to perform well on search results.

You need them in order to compete and thrive online. Additionally, a backlink is seen as a vote of confidence about a page. Websites are linked back if they have good content. When people link to your site, they are telling search engines that your website is a good resource of information.

The volume of quality backlinks also makes a difference in ranking. It is with no doubt that more links pointing to your site will help it rank better and get a lot of traffic. Make sure that the backlinks you get are Do follow.

No follow are of no benefits because they tell search engines not to pass any page rank or link juice. You want to show search engines such as Google, Bing and yahoo that they can trust your site hence avoid low-quality backlinks.

Low-quality backlinks include blog comments, yahoo answers, and directory submissions, to name a few. Due to numerous users who include links intheir comments, the owners of such sites generally apply no-follow attribute to all links posted by them.

You want all your backlinks pass page rank or be followed and hence be counted by Google.

  • Social Media Engagement

In order to grow your business, you need social media. I cannot stress enough how crucial social media is. It will send referral traffic to your site which can convert into buying customers. It also creates social signal which is a ranking factor.

  • Creating Sharable Content

High-quality, shareable content can go viral on the internet. It will earn you backlinks which are used to rank a website higher on search engines. A well written content will show your expertise and people will want to link back to you.

Importance of Off-page SEO

Building Relationships

When doing link building, you will often reach to other SEO professional in your industry. You will reach them with good content or a video with the hope of getting a link to your site.

 It is during this process that you will form good relationships with them.

Sending referral Traffic

I have discussed how backlinks will impact your ranking, but did you know they can send referral traffic to your website?  Highly visited sites will send traffic to your site which can convert into buying customers.

It is therefore important to get backlinks from websites with traffic thatare relevant to your niche.

Brand building

Mention of your brand with a link pointing to your site will not only improve its awareness but increase its visibility. Backlinks will help you establish as an authority on your niche. When you write good content and share it to people on the same niche as yours, you will come out as an expertise.

There is a good chance they will find your content valuable and share worthy.

You need to use off-page SEO techniques in order to rank well on search engines. Use of social media sites will create social signals which areranking factors.Backlinks are not only important for search engines but will bring referral traffic to your site.

Create shareable content that will be beneficial to your users and your site. It will generate backlinks which will rank your site higher plus cater to the needs of your audience.

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