Website design is the process of building innovative and fresh websites. It involves content creation, graphic design and layout. Graphic design relates to images used, font and colors.

Content is the packaging on your site that presents your customers with the information.It is the most crucial component of your website. Layout relates to how information is categorized. One popular layout today is infinite scroll where the user just keep scrolling to see all the website content.

Good knowledge on website design is crucial to create websites that are aesthetically pleasing, easy to navigate and suits a company.They are created using languages such as HTML and CSS.

4 Main Elements of modern Web Design


This refers to the way content;graphics etc is arranged on a site. First impressions are very important for your potential customers. Visitors will decide to stay on your site depending on its layout.

A website needs an easy to follow navigation in order for visitors to access information well. Content on your website should not be hard to access. Visitors choose to leave a site if they are having difficulty accessing information in it.

On the other hand, a clean-cut design layout will make your visitors happy with your site and will want to come back and use it again.

Visual appearance

Your site’s overall look is important.  The beauty of a well-done site will create a good impression about it. Visitors will want to spend more time on your site which is a ranking factor for search engine optimization (SEO).

Use of graphics provides supplementary information to your text. Graphics can include icons, logos, photos and clipart all of which will improve the appearance of your site.

Color is also a crucial component of a site. It contributes to visual appearance and will convey the personality of a person or the brand.

Engaging Content

I bet you did not know that your site needs content in order to show up in the search results. Search engines use keywords in content to understand what is in your site. Good content is also useful for the people visiting your site.

Content provides solutions to problems. Additionally, it educates search engines about your site. It is through good content that you will be able to communicate to your potential customers. You will be able to effectively sell your products through product reviews or offer a service.

Call to Action

Call to actions buttons are instructions that urge visitors to take an immediate actions. They include; Click Here, Download Now and Call Now. They are buttons with a link directing visitors where to buy products, book a service, download a document, sign up or register for something.

They must stand out from the rest of the site pages etc. Facilitate a smooth buying process with call to action buttons. You will motivate your potential customers to take actions. They are important part of your site and skipping them is not a smart move.

Importance of a good web design

A beautifully designed website is part of your marketing strategy. It has a great impact on your audience and business. A website contributes alot to your success online.

It is a marketing tool

A website is a marketing tool that creates first impression of your business. Depending on your site, visitors will be able to stay long on your site or not. A good website will enhance your company image and educate your customers about your products and services.

A website increases customer Conversion

Companies are willing to pay top dollar for good website design work. This is because a good website increases customer conversion. It has elements such as Call to action buttons and good content that will direct customers to what they need without disruptions.

It Aids your Search Engine Optimization Strategy

SEO web design will help you rank on Google, Bing and other search engines. A good structured site will be easy to accessand this is one of the ranking factors used by search engines.

 Other factors that your website will aid in ranking include responsiveness in mobile gadgets and good loading speed. A website should not take long to load since it will lose traffic.

Wrapping up

Website design is the creation of a new website. A good website design will help you in making your business profitable.  Easy to navigate and attractive website increases customer conversion and is a good marketing tool. We at Trendy Mobile Designs specialize in web design no matter the computer language it requires or its purpose, whether it is for a local business, a corporation or an Ecommerce website.

As a website designer, you might take a different approach to build your site but there are elements that should be included. They include overall layout, visual appearance, color, call to action buttons, fonts, to name a few.